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Controls Council Offers In-Depth Look at Issues During Difficult Economy

Some say nothing is more precious than our health. Some say it is people (relationships). And many will argue for both. In recent years at HARDI conferences, the Controls Council Program has presented the significance of relationships — especially related to Supplier/Distributor partnerships, and how good relationships lead naturally to good business. Someone once said, “There's nothing new under the sun,” so naturally, the Controls Council has only revealed the obvious: that each partner has a bottom line to protect and grow. We also acknowledge that deep trust and a sense of partnership don't seem to exist in all relationships.

Controls Distributors play an extremely vital role in the distribution of HVACR systems, because without a properly designed and administered control scheme, which can be the inherently visible and human interface portion of a commercial HVACR system, the equipment doesn't operate, or certainly won't operate efficiently. Some Controls Distributors make their role even more significant by adding value propositions of lighting and access control integration to Building Automation Systems. To take it even further, some Controls Distributors apply their integration expertise to benefit industrial end-users' instrumentation and manufacturing processes.

This fall, the Controls Council will argue for our health, and we suspect that our companies' prognosis for financial health will be linked with our suppliers and customers who, during the last 12 to 18 months, have become our deepest, most significant and truest partners.

“Hope is Not a Strategy” — Practical Guidance for Survival in this Difficult Economy is the working title of the Controls Distributors Council Program — open to all — scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Nov. 3rd at the HARDI Fall Conference in Orlando. A panel of highly qualified industry experts will attempt to sort out some of the opportunities from the hype, and drill down past one supplier's quip of “give me all your business” as the “logical” means to stay afloat and profitable — especially during the coming nine to 12 months, while we all anticipate economic recovery.

The panelists will be:

  • Dave Molin, general manager, Honeywell International, Building Control Systems, Golden Valley, MN

  • Chris Eichmann, director of product sales, Johnson Controls International, Milwaukee, WI

  • Rich Schmitt, president of Schmitt Consulting Group, St. Louis, MO

The Controls Council invites you to be our honored guests this fall in Orlando.

Steve Roe, Controls Council chair (left), and Paul Neustadt, Controls Council vice chair.

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