Create Custom Catalogs Remotely

Computer Pundits Corp. (CPC), supplier of digital catalog solutions for the wholesale distribution industry, presents us with a new way to approach catalog marketing. Think “pull” rather than “push.” Traditionally, we assemble our full-line catalog and push it out to the marketplace once or twice a year. But, flip it around and consider giving salespeople or dealers the ability to pull market- or customer-specific product information and generate catalogs remotely. That's what Catalog Builder Online is all about.

Custom Sales Catalogs

Whether they want to highlight specific product lines, seasonal items or new products, your salespeople can log in to the Catalog Builder® database at headquarters and generate formatted, full-color catalogs from anywhere in the world.

Dealer Catalogs

Manufacturers can provide catalog- building capabilities on their dealer portal. Dealers can log in, select the data relevant to their markets and build their own catalogs.

Subscription Catalogs

Rather than invest in catalog management software, small wholesale distributors can subscribe to Catalog Builder Online to generate professional-quality catalogs directly from CPC's catalog-ready database (the industry's largest) of up-to-date, fully attributed HVACR product data.

Purchasing co-ops can take advantage of Catalog Builder Online in much the same manner. CPC hosts the common catalog database, and co-op members generate their individualized catalogs from it.

Catalog Builder Online features the same easy user interface and dynamic formatting capabilities as the Catalog Builder Software Suite, the HVACR industry's No. 1 catalog design and management system. For more information about Catalog Builder Online and CPC's other catalog products and services, visit www.catalogbuilder.com or call 1-888-PUNDITS.

Prashubh Batham is president of Computer Pundits Corp.

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