Design Polymerics Announces Fast-Tack Water-Based Adhesive

Design Polymerics, a leading manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and mastics for the HVACR and insulation industries, now offers DP 3000 water-based insulation adhesive. DP 3000 is a LEED®-compliant, 0 VOC, fast-tack insulation adhesive for commercial and residential HVACR applications. DP 3000 is supplied in a convenient pressurized canister spray system, which is both portable and cost-effective. It yields 8,000 square feet of coverage from a single canister. DP 3000 eliminates the flammability and VOC issues commonly associated with solvent-based canister spray systems and solvent-based adhesives in general.

“DP 3000 provides the fast-tack performance contractors require from solvent-based adhesives, while eliminating VOCs and the hazards of flash fires — all while being LEED-compliant” said Scott Witherow, vice president of Business Development.

Visit www.designpoly.com for additional information.

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