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Diamond Vent Screen: A Contractor's Best Friend or a Squirrel's Worst Enemy?

As temperatures drop and consumers rake falling leaves, heating contractors see another sure sign of the season: service calls due to squirrels, birds and other wildlife setting up camp in the warm furnace vent pipe.

Minnesota contractor Steve Sinkie, owner of Heating & Cooling Two, aims to put a stop to these nuisance calls with his new product, Diamond Vent Screens.

“We’ve experienced a lot of birds in the inducer motors, which burns out the motor – a very expensive replacement,” says Sinkie. “We also see birds’ nests, landscape rocks, kids’ toys and leaves being sucked into the intake.” With Diamond Vent Screens, says Sinkie, the company has been able to prevent these unplanned expenses for its customers, as well as differentiate itself from the competition.

Another factor contributing to the development of Diamond Vent Screens was consumer peace of mind, says Sinkie. “Whenever we sold a 90% furnace, the homeowner would ask about the new PVC vent pipe, and what’s ‘supposed’ to go in it,” says Sinkie. “So now we put them in on every new 90% install – and we pick up a little extra profit on service calls and tune-ups, too.”

Made of ABS plastic, Diamond Vent Screens are specially designed to resist the buildup of moisture, ice and snow – and resulting clogs. The product fits into the female end of PVC elbows and couplings, or in two-inch and three-inch concentric vents. Diamond Vent Screens install easily with a dab of silicone.

Diamond Vent Screens come in 4 sizes: 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”, and are sold on the company website: Prices start at $4.50 per piece retail, and 24-pack wholesale pricing is available upon request.

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