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Each One Reach One It's Really Quite Simple

HARDI has launched a promotional campaign in an effort to gain new members and increase the participation of existing ones. It's called "Each One Reach One," and it's based on the premise that if each HARDI member reaches out to one person or company (or more!) that they know in the industry and personally invites that person to a HARDI function or to join HARDI membership, it will strengthen the association and industry.

HARDI members as a whole are very proud of their affiliation with the association. Upon his retirement, Jerry Allen, Ferguson's vice president of HVAC sales, stated to HARDI, "I can honestly say that HARDI has been an extremely valuable resource as we have navigated through the changes that have taken place over the past several years. I have often stated that HARDI is one of the best industry organizations that I have worked with." This is one of many such quotes that HARDI receives from members, proving the real value of the association to members and the HVACR distribution industry.

Involved HARDI members know the many benefits of belonging. Active members experience firsthand the proven benefits of active involvement. The goal of "Each One Reach One" is to get inactive members involved so they can experience firsthand the value of their membership dollars. It also focuses on bringing in new members to help them with their business, as well as to strengthen the industry and association with their membership.

When current members sponsor a new HARDI member, they receive recognition on the HARDI website and in HARDI's magazine, HVACR Distribution Business. In addition, when they sponsor a new distributor member, they receive a "Key Member" plaque. Those who, over time, sponsor at least five distributors for membership join the growing list of the Martin Walshin Permanent Key Group, which awards them with a plaque as well as recognition on the HARDI website, mention in the HARDI show guide and a "Permanent Key Member" ribbon on their badge for every conference they attend thereafter.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most valued benefits, members receive financial benefits for bringing in a new member. After HARDI approves a new member's application and that new member activates the membership by paying dues, HARDI allocates "HARDI Bucks" to the sponsoring member. (A member can sponsor as many new firms as he or she likes and receive HARDI Bucks for all.) HARDI Bucks can be used toward any activity or event sponsored by National (not Regional) HARDI: conferences, schools and seminars, dues and Independent Study Institute courses. HARDI Bucks are awarded as follows:

  • Sponsor a WHOLESALER approved for membership in the association and earn $150.00 in HARDI Bucks.

  • Sponsor a MANUFACTURER approved for membership in the association and earn $100.00 in HARDI Bucks.

  • Sponsor ANY OTHER CATEGORY of member approved for membership in the association and earn $75.00 in HARDI Bucks.

HARDI consists of hundreds of successful and dedicated members. But there's strength in numbers. This is why members are encouraged to bring a peer to a HARDI meeting. Introduce a new member to join. Encourage a colleague to participate in all of the quality statistical studies, advocacy and programs offered by HARDI.

Each One Reach One! Reach out for the strength of your association and your industry. All it takes is one! (But we'll take more!)

Kimberly G. O'Neal is communications and project director for HARDI. Contact her at 888/253-2128 or [email protected].

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