The Economic Recovery, Effective Leadership, Opportunities For Innovative Distribution – a dynamic trio of best presentations from the HARDI Annual Fall Conference available for download or CD purchase!

The HARDI Fall Conference just finished and showcased some of the best presentations about strategic and tactical issues for the HVACR Industry. Hope you were there, but if not, for the first time ever HARDI is making available three of the keynote workshops by audio recording for you and members of your staff. You can order each of the 90-minute presentations (with their accompanying PowerPoints) and use them as a learning opportunity at your company. Listen to them in your car, use them as "lunch and learns" at your company or share them with your company leadership.

The three top sessions are:

Alan Beaulieu's Economic Recovery – Good Times are Ahead

Alan, the HARDI Chief Economist, delivers the real story on the economy with a very accurate look to the short-term and long-term future. His presentation is based on data collected from our members in the monthly sales trends report as well as extensive research with his other clients. In this presentation he shares his expectations on the coming inflation, the influence of the current administration and Congressional legislation impacting businesses and what leading indicators to be watching in the coming months. Alan Beaulieu is with the Institute for Trend Research

Rick Johnson - Leadership Techniques in an Economic Recovery

Rick's extensive experience in the distribution industry including building a $25 million wholesale distribution company in just ten years has allowed us to benefit from his powerful insight into leadership effectiveness during this economic recovery. His presentation, filled with humor and down-to-earth talk, highlights how you can make sure you are on the "right side" of the storm, how to release the power of profitability in your employees and how be more effective in the sales of your product line. Hear how your company can succeed as a ‘total solution provider'. Rick Johnson is with CEO Strategist, LLC.

Mike Workman - Opportunities for Innovative Distribution, From Survive to Thrive

Seems like everyone in the distribution industry knows Mike Workman and his keen insight into what works, or not, for our industry. His presentation is both in-depth and thought-provoking as we pull out of this difficult economic climate. Mike Workman is Professor Emeritus of the Industrial Distribution faculty at Texas A&M University and consults to the industry.

These fully recorded sessions AND accompanying PowerPoints are available for purchase by members individually or at a group discount for $20 each/$50 for all three by Download; or $25 each/$65 for all three on CD.

Downloads come in an MP3 format that is ready to play on your computer, and/or be burned to a CD. Power Point presentations come in standard PowerPoint file, or in print with the CD orders.

For secured online processing, ORDER TODAY! Click here to download a PDF form and either fax, mail, or scan and e-mail back to HARDI. For Questions: contact Alex Gregory at [email protected]

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