Emerson Climate Technologies Translates NATE-Recognized Curriculum into Spanish

In an effort to improve HVACR training for Hispanic technicians, experts at Emerson Climate Technologies have supervised the translation of selected modules of Emerson's North American Technicians Excellence (NATE®)-recognized HVACR training into Spanish. Emerson Climate Technologies plans to expand these efforts, translating additional modules in the future, as the need arises.

The project began more than 18 months ago under the guidance of Tim Burke, strategic marketing manager for Emerson Climate Technologies, White-Rodgers Division.

“As we were working in the Southwestern U.S. and West Coast, we realized there was a need among Hispanic contractors for this kind of information,” Burke says. “This was a training concept, not a product-related concept. From there, it took off to where we started developing training for the Hispanic contractors all over North America.”

Burke adds that while bits and pieces of Emerson's NATE-recognized training had been translated into Spanish at various times, this new, unified volume will help to establish consistency of information.

“Quite a few Hispanic contractors have participated in NATE testing; however, there weren't any official NATE-recognized training programs available to them in Spanish. Some distributors have done partial translations of training, but it hasn't been very focused,” Burke says.

NATE — originators of the leading certification program for HVACR technicians — was happy to give its blessing to the project.

“If it covers the same content in the same number of hours of a previously NATE-recognized course, then it can be used in other languages,” says Pat Murphy, NATE's director of technical development. “In fact, we'll be leaning on some of that information when we start work on our glossary of translated HVACR terminology.”

Burke says White-Rodgers personnel worked closely with Emerson Climate Technologies and its Educational Services group in Sidney, OH, as well as other Emerson Climate Technologies divisions in Mexico. “It's been tested rigorously,” Burke asserts.

As is often the case, HVACR distributors across the U.S. will make their facilities available for training and testing with Spanish-speaking facilitators.

The translation rollout coincides with the release of the Emerson Blue Selecto thermostat line, the first-ever Spanish-only line of programmable thermostats. After researching the unique needs of Hispanic contractors and homeowners, Emerson Climate Technologies White-Rodgers Division adapted its Blue thermostat platform to address the key concerns of the growing Hispanic population.

For information on how to participate in the NATE-recognized Hispanic training, please visit EmersonClimateContractor.com and click on “Education.”

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