Expert Offers Recession Busting Tips for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors

Contractors are in real pain as the dismal economy and spiraling job losses take their toll on the contracting community, leaving many with growing debt and less business.

You can turn things around, says one former contractor who took his own business from one truck and modest sales to a $7 million success story.

“Contractors are hurting in this challenging economy,” says Joe Crisara, who brightens up as he describes many contractors who changed their life and achieved significant profitability due to Total Immersion program. “We’ve been where many contractors are today, having lived through just about every nightmare imaginable." "We know that some 90 percent of contractors are in debt. We love to guide contractors from rags to riches.”

His response was to create the Total Immersion Workshop that some 1,000 contractors in 29 different locations throughout the United States have attended.

The Total Immersion Workshop, slated for Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 23 - 28, will teach contractors how to:
• Bundle and package services to increase average customer income.

• Differentiate yourself from low-ball competitors.

• Transition from construction to service-based selling.

• Halt dropping sales while cost rise.

• Transform employees to a happier state while gaining more satisfied, repeat customers.

These intensive sales trainings transform contracting owners, salespeople and technicians from struggling to succeeding, by teaching them principles based on the information taught at many Fortune 500 companies, major universities and think tanks nationwide.

“Service contractors are in real pain,” says Crisara, co-founder of www.ContractorSelling.com and Total Immersion Sales Summit along with wife, Julie.

Total Immersion creates freedom for customers, contractors and owners. The training helps service contractors provide consumers a range of options to discover and acknowledge their own budget and level of solution that they want.

For more information, contact Julie Crisara at 877-764-6304, [email protected] or visit www.Totalimmersionsales.com.

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