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Freon R-22 Phase Out

The elimination of R-22 HVACR systems for new installations and the changing of lines in general gives rise to the question of what to do with older systems that have suddenly become obsolete — or not too far from it.

This is the case for companies like Lazco Corp., a national redistributor of air conditioning equipment. The company helps manufacturers and distributors buy, sell and rent new and used equipment of all sizes. “We go from window units to chillers,” says company president Steve Lazar.

He has been in the industry 30 years, initially working for his father's HVACR company.

Market changes, like the phase out of R-22 equipment, result in surplus inventory. “We sell primarily to wholesalers, so we can move products from one distributor to another, as well as selling overseas, without affecting the industry,” he says. This helps free up warehouse space, allowing distributors to focus on selling their current inventory. They're also not loading up their contractors with older, obsolete inventory. They are able to convert older inventory into working capital that can be reinvested in current selling inventory, Lazar says.

The company's website helps wholesalers download inventory lists, allowing interested parties to see what's out there and available. The site lists all product information by manufacturer. Wholesalers are able to save 30 percent to 50 percent below distributor cost, according to the site.

For more information, call 619/840-0004 or visit

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