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Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Receives a Consumers Digest Best Buy

Frigidaire heating and air makes it easy to save energy and money with their quality heating and air conditioning systems. The Frigidaire 22-SEER FT4BI iQ Drive® heat pump has been named a Consumers Digest Best Buy, indicating that it is an industry leader in the premium heat pump category.

The Frigidaire iQ Drive® line of products has been recognized previously as an industry leader for both the FT4BI heat pump and FS4BI air conditioner.

Consumers Digestselected the product, in part, because the “FT4BI series has more to like than any other heat-pump line,” including its inverter-driven rotary compressor that modulates operation speeds.

According to Consumers Digest, the inverter-driven rotary compressor in the FT4BI “allows the models that are in this line to use only the energy that you need to heat or cool your living space.” Unlike other systems, this heat pump can modulate between 40 and 118 percent capacity; it is almost always running. Other systems are constantly rotating between on and off cycles. This ability to modulate means that the system is quieter and more energy efficient than a traditional system.

For more information on the Frigidaire iQ Drive® heat pump – a two-time Consumers Digest Best Buy – dealers and distributors should visit or

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