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GeoSystems Announces a New Split System

GeoSystems Announces a New Split System

GeoSystems® has announced the introduction of the ECONAR Ultra Split systems and also the addition of a four-ton unit to the ECONAR DualTEK product line.

The new Ultra Split System is available in two models – the Air Handling Split or Dual Fuel Split. The Air Handling Split System consists of both the refrigeration unit and an air handling unit and replaces a conventional furnace. The two components provide flexibility where space is limited or where a unitary system could be difficult to install.

The Dual Fuel split system consists of a refrigeration unit connected to an air coil, which will be installed in the customer’s existing furnace plenum. This equipment pairing allows the most efficient and cost effective fuel source to be selected depending on the customer’s application requirements.

ECONAR’s popular DualTEK forced air/hydronic heat pump is now available in a four ton capacity and is ENERGY STAR rated. The DualTEK combination forced air/hydronic heat pump has all the capability of a standard forced air geothermal unit which supplies heating and cooling through an air distribution system. It can use all of its heating capacity to provide hot water for a number of hydronic applications.

GeoSystems LLC., headquartered in Maple Grove, MN, manufactures ECONAR and HydroHeat geothermal heat pumps. These products provide heating, cooling and supplemental hot water heating in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Appleton, MN.

By relying on the earth’s energy for heating and cooling, the GeoSystems brands have helped reduce the use of fossil fuels in many homes and businesses throughout the world.

For more information about ECONAR and HydroHeat’s geothermal heat pumps and accessories, visit

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