Get Complete System Protection with the ICM450 Three-Phase Voltage Monitor

Get Complete System Protection with the ICM450 Three-Phase Voltage Monitor

ICM Controls Corporation readies your equipment for the extremes of the summer months with its ICM450 Three-Phase Voltage Monitor. The fully programmable ICM450 has an array of powerful features that combine to prevent premature motor failure and damage due to common voltage faults. By evaluating the power on both the Line and Load sides, the ICM450 can spot power disturbances caused by factors like a worn contactor, problems that might otherwise be overlooked.

ICM450 features an LCD display, which helps simplify both the installation and troubleshooting processes. It offers fast, 7-step push-button setup and simultaneous displays all 3 phases being monitored. The ICM450 also records up to 25 of the last faults for display on the LCD.

The ICM450 protects against voltage unbalance, high and low voltages, phase loss, phase reversal, faulty power, incorrect sequencing and/or rapid short cycling. It includes a field-adjustable delay on break timer, allowing the installer to avoid nuisance trips. The independent high and low voltage settings are ideal for dual voltage compressor applications.

The ICM450 is part of a complete line of single-phase and 3-phase motor protection controls to fit every application and budget.

For more information, visit www.icmcontrols.com.

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