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Its always interesting to get a look into what customers think about with HVAC (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
<p>Public boards give us a unique opportunity to see what customers discuss when looking at an HVAC purchsae.</p>

Getting an Inside Look at an HVAC Adoption Discussion

It’s always interesting to get a look into what customers think about, discuss and debate when looking to adopt a new HVAC solution. With public boards, we are given a unique ability to see which questions are asked and what the customers want to know about HVAC products.

The Redford Observer gave us a glimpse of what the Redford Fire Station was looking for when looking to replace its heating and cooling system. The board, which eventually voted 4-2 in favor of replacing the system, wondered if the $8,100 price tag was worth it.

The fire station’s board discussed whether it was worth bothering with bringing in a new heating system, even though the old one no longer works and started emitting carbon dioxide last year.

The building should get some type of heat, Treasurer Lily Cavanagh said.

“There is heat. Someone jury-rigged it,”[township Supervisor Tracey Schultz] Kobylarz said. “It’s a little cool.”

“We do have issues with the building,” Cavanagh said, but she wondered if the township could buy the HVAC system and then reuse it elsewhere if the building is mothballed.

It’s always important to remember that sometimes customers do debate whether they’d rather be cold than purchase a new HVAC system. Make sure you and your team know all the benefits of the systems you sell and can explain why it's worth the price tag.

Read more on the Observer’s website and be sure to know how to explain the pricing and operational impact of a new HVAC system to potential customers.

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