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Grundfos Pumps Introduces Expanded Range of CR-H Multi-Stage End Suction Pumps

Grundfos Pumps announced the release of its expanded range of CR-H multi-stage end suction pumps for the North American market. The CR-H offering now includes additional ANSI pump sizes in ductile iron construction and flows up to 635 GPM, providing a dimensionally-viable replacement for a more comprehensive range of ANSI pump installations. In addition to industrial applications, the CR-H offers great opportunities to all markets with high pump-efficiency levels.

The Grundfos CR-H line of horizontal multi-stage end suction pumps offer an ANSI dimensional plug ‘n play solution that will fit into existing pump and piping footprints offering optimized duty points to maximize pump efficiency and minimize internal wear. CR-H offers an alternative to users of traditional end suction pumps who are unsatisfied with the life and/or the efficiency of their existing pumps. It also allows all end suction pump users who are in need of high pressures a substitute with a low profile in every market.

The Grundfos CR-H offers the same product quality and high efficiencies of the Grundfos CR pump and is built with CR components. The CR-H is also available with a complete baseplate program for the full line of CR-H pumps. All CR-H pumps are assembled and shipped from the Grundfos manufacturing facility in Fresno, CA.

The CR-H product range has been recognized by Flow Control magazine as the 2009 Innovation Award winner, and Pumps & Systems magazine as the 2009 Product Innovation of the Year. And most recently, Plant Engineering magazine awarded the CR-H as 2009 Product of the Year.

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