HARDI Announces Availability of 2011 Annual Conference Keynote Presentation DVD

Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has produced a DVD featuring the three keynote presentations given at their 2011 "Set Your Course" themed Annual Conference.

Wouldn't it be great to return to 2006 with a booming market and record profit? Unfortunately, economists are predicting it will take many years to experience a similar economy, so how do we replicate it in today's market? "Realizing 2006 Profitability With a 2012 Mindset" was the subject of the first keynote presentation given by Mike Workman, Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University. He offers a lively and interactive presentation that focuses on the nature of wholesale distribution and the HVACR industry’s challenges of maximizing profitability in tough economic times. He gives valuable take-away recommendations for distributors to apply in the coming year.

Mike’s second presentation, "Know the Road…Set the Course," designed by Workman onsite at the conference to address the specific outcomes of interactive polling conducted with manufacturers and distributors during his first keynote presentation. Now that you have the road map, it's time to find the most effective and efficient means for you to achieve the market and profit objectives for your company.

Through this unique approach, Workman leads an interactive discussion addressing the obstacles and roadblocks currently faced by channel partners and offers recommendations to set a clear path for success among those in the industry moving forward.

HARDI’s Chief Economist, Alan Beaulieu, presented "The Future is Your Decision." Beaulieu, the Institute for Trend Research ( ITR®) president, discussed the economic outlook for the HVACR industry and the global economy. The thorough presentation takes a look at what is happening in our world and how it will impact our business, provides a list of which indicators should be watched and which can be safely ignored in 2012. This presentation is essential for leaders looking to prepare for changes that are coming over the next few years.

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