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HARDI Announces New Energy Efficiency and Affiliate Partner Membership Categories

HARDI announces two new membership categories, an Energy Efficiency Partner membership for utilities and energy efficiency contractors, and an Affiliate Partner membership for any company that does not qualify under any other membership category within HARDI.

“HARDI’s role as the sole source for sell-through data in the HVACR industry coupled with our ability to bring together industry and market analysts with widely representative distributor focus groups has attracted the interest of investment, private equity, sales and marketing, and distribution analysts and consultants,” says HARDI EVP, COO Talbot Gee. “HARDI created this new Affiliate Partner membership category to provide a way for these interests to have access to our HARDI data and our members while also enabling the Association to protect our membership by knowing exactly who has this access and how they’re using it.”

Energy Efficiency Partner members will gain access to manufacturers of energy-saving products and will be able to target and maximize communication with the top HVACR distributors. Affiliate Partner members will able to receive HVACR sales data and as well as access to the quarterly interactive webinar hosted by HARDI Economist Alan Beaulieu.

“The creation of the new Energy Efficiency Partner membership category is a proud moment for HARDI and the result of several years of strategic and fruitful outreach and collaboration with those who run and implement energy efficiency incentive programs,” Gee continues. “HARDI believes our distributor members are integral to the success of these efficiency programs and we work with enough of them now that it was time we created an opportunity for leaders of these programs to become a closer part of the HARDI community.”

Finally, HARDI has implemented a Retired Colleague membership allowing any fully retired former member of a HARDI (and/or NHRAW or ARWI) member company with no present or future involvement in the operations or governance of any HVACR company or service provider to HVACR companies to become an individual member.

Current HARDI members will gain vital access to key industry stakeholders and retired colleagues who become members in these new categories. Non-wholesale distributors and non-manufacturers will be able to attend HARDI meetings and subscribe to HARDI data reports when they take advantage of these new membership categories.

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