Hart and Cooley Inc. Reveals New Ward Industries Logo

Hart and Cooley has revealed a new logo for their Ward Industries brand. This logo change will be used immediately and will be seen on all future Ward products and marketing materials.

Graphic Designer, John Scianna, says, “The update to the Ward Industries logo is relatively minor with its main goal being to simplify. The previous mark was clunky and cluttered - the simplified version is strong, to the point and streamlined to better fit different uses.” Marketing Manager, David Lunt agrees, “The Ward Industries logo needed to be updated. Its new look is simplified, fresher, and cleaner than the old one.”

Hart and Cooley is requesting that customers begin to use this logo on all materials they produce, including displays and websites. If you would like to download this new logo, please visit the website at www.commercialproductsgroup.com/Logos.aspx

For more information, visit www.hartandcooley.com.

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