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Hart & Cooley Donates Building Insulation to Habitat for Humanity

Hart & Cooley recently teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to donate building insulation. With the help of Hart & Cooley’s manufacturing facility in Sanger, Calif., and the Fresno Habitat for Humanity, over a ton of insulation will be put to good use.

The Hart and Cooley manufacturing plant is responsible for making the insulated flexible duct tfor which Hart & Cooley is known.

When the opportunity to donate insulation used in Hart & Cooley flexible ducting presented itself to the Sanger facility, Habitat for Humanity became the perfect solution. As David Daniel, plant manager, says, “By this donation, we not only are helping a local non-profit agency, we are reducing the environmental impact on landfill waste we produce from our insulation not being used”.

Hart & Cooley is always looking for ways to do its part for the environment and is proud to be the first to donate this type of product to the Fresno Habitat for Humanity. “Whether it is through our new line of indoor air quality and energy saving products, recycling or minimizing waste, we are continuously seeking ways to better the world in which we live. This is a terrific opportunity to add to this effort. We are delighted to be supporting Habitat for Humanity,” saysTracy Sianta, director of Marketing.

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