Homeowners Save Money with Tappan’s New ES6BF 16 SEER Air Conditioner

Tappan continues to produce tough systems that are highly efficient with the new ES6BF 16 SEER air conditioner.

This single-stage air conditioner offers all-aluminum Micro-Channel coils. These coils are tough on corrosion and are lighter in weight than traditional coils. The Tappan ES6BF also contains a Copeland Scroll compressor and is available in 2, 2.5 and 3 tons.

“Tappan systems are always tough and energy efficient,” says Matt Lattanzi, director of product management at Tappan. “Because of the lower cost, it has never been easier for homeowners to have an energy-efficient air conditioning system.”

The system may qualify for local rebates and incentives that can help homeowners save more money.

For more information about these tough, budget-friendly Tappan air conditioners, contractors and distributors should visit www.tappan.net.

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