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HVAC Systems & Equipment: An Industry Update

I must be on to something. There was a red blinking light on my phone, indicating a voicemail. I dialed into my voicemail and heard a message from someone pitching business for new solar panels, residential or business, mind you, and I could learn more by simply calling the number left in the message.

And here we are publishing a first-ever September issue that focuses on HVAC Systems and Equipment, which includes Renewable Systems that have a solar component to them. Perfect timing, I thought. We must be on to something.

And the timing issue is precisely why we have this first-time thematic issue.

Given that HVAC Systems and Equipment tend to get all the glory in the industry, it seemed appropriate to try to corral this huge segment and give our readers a glimpse of a direction for the future. We were interested in what the top executives were thinking, what new developments were occurring and in what direction they might be thinking about heading.

This issue provides, we hope, that overview. It includes:

  • Interviews with five top executives in the industry.

  • A look at ducted and ductless systems.

  • A review of how one major manufacturer is facing industry questions and its role in a collaborative enterprise that will help all.

  • An examination of how hydronics, certainly a growing segment of the industry, is moving forward through the eyes of three manufacturers.

  • Lastly, the renewable market. We explore the developments in this market segment, one that will continue to gain adherents and interest.

Oops. I almost forgot. We have a sales-related article by well-known industry sales trainer Tom Piscitelli. If you're wondering how this fits a thematic issue featuring HVAC Systems and Equipment, I urge you to read his article.

Editors often live in their own bubble, which is unavoidable, and admittedly, sometimes unfortunate. With that caveat, I want to note that we have created a broad overview of HVACR Systems and Equipment for your inspection. However, the best person to tell us whether we hit the mark or missed it is you, the reader.

If you have any suggestions for future issues, I would be most interested in your comments and ideas. Just send me an email at [email protected] or call 856/874-0049. I look forward to receiving your input and I hope you will enjoy this first-ever September annual HVAC Systems & Equipment special issue.

HVACR Distribution Business welcomes letters to the editor. Please send correspondence to: Tom Peric´, Editor 2040 Fairfax Avenue Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 856/874-0049 or email [email protected].

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