HVACR Distribution Business - August 2012

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HVACR Distribution Business eNews


Doing Business the Wittichen Way

Wittichen Supply Co. doesn't believe in the cookie-cutter model of doing business. Whether it's running their branches or working with customers, Wittichen Supply conducts its business by focusing on what the customers and the markets want. For a business that began nearly 100 years ago as a small division of a chemical company and evolved into selling HVACR parts and pieces and, later, equipment, Wittichen Supply has forged its own path to success.


Consultant's Corner

Question and Answer: No Response to Emails

Q. Dave, in the last couple of years, I have grown increasingly frustrated. Why won't people respond to my emails, return my voice mails, or even see me when I show up in person? Am I doing something wrong?


Hot Topics

Pass-Through Tax Implications

In my previous column for this fine publication, I touched upon the pending “Taxmageddon” that could be awaiting the United States at the end of the year if Congress and the president fail to act. To briefly recap, unless action is taken, we will face $500 billion in tax hikes in 2013, which figures out to a whopping $3,800 per taxpayer on average.


Are Your Contractors Scammers?

For an editorial, now that's an inflammatory headline. But last month, NBC's The Today Show, usually the most-watched morning program in America, aired a sting operation targeting HVACR contractors in northern New Jersey.


The HVACR Industry's eCommerce Checklist

Few industries feature products that are as complex as those offered by the HVACR industry. Each system ties to an array of product specifications, complicating the identification and distribution of products to contractors and other buyers in the Business-to-Business (B2B) marketplace.


How They're Trying to Control Your Web Use

As you read this, the landscape for how you use the Web and how you'll be charged for it is changing. The repercussions may be profound, if not immediately, then down the road.


Breaking News

David Weekley Homes Honors Trane with Esteemed 2012 Partners of Choice Award

For the sixth time in nine years, Trane has been selected by the nation’s third largest for-profit, privately held residential home builder, David Weekley Homes, as a winner of its nationally recognized “Partners of Choice” Award.


New Filter Curbs for Rooftop Equipment from Thybar Offer Fine Construction at Competitive Prices

Add additional filter capacity for your rooftop unit with a Thybar Filter Curb for rooftop equipment. Each Filter Curb is quickly manufactured to precise specifications by Thybar Corporation, Addison, Illinois and most are shipped fully assembled.


Krueger-HVAC Increases Representation of Air Distribution Products with F.C. Clifford, Inc. in Washington D.C. and Surrounding Areas

In business since 1921 and a Krueger-HVAC representative for over 30 years, F.C. Clifford, Inc. has developed strong relationships with architects, engineers, and contractors by providing the support and tools they need to design successful air distribution systems.


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