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HVACR Distribution Business - July 2012

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HVACR Distribution Business eNews


EWC Controls Slow and Steady Growth Wins the Race

When the first-of-its-kind, intelligent control of a communicating HVAC system hit the market last year, one might have assumed that this kind of innovation came from one of the giants in the industry. As it turns out, EWC Controls Inc., Englishtown, NJ, developed and produced the UT-3000 Zone Control System. They may not be one of the biggest players in HVAC, but EWC Controls has proven for more than 50 years that this family-owned business can compete with the best in the industry.


Hot Topics

What Do the Experts Say About Marketing?

When I thought about this article, it occurred to me that a different flavor might be in order. By now, our regular readers know that I have reached out to a high-level of expertise from our writers to offer their insight, experience and predictions.

This time, I wanted to stray out of the comfort zone and asked experts in disparate fields for their advice about marketing that wholesalers could use.


Are Your Customers Prepared for Sales Growth?

Can you sense the pressure building? Home-owners have been paying good money to keep their old, cranky, inefficient equipment limping along during these challenging economic times. There are probably more heating and cooling systems in need of replacement than ever. However, evidence shows that consumers, when given the right encouragement, will spend their money when it makes sense.


Consultant's Corner

Best Practice # 7: Create Strategic Plans For Key Accounts

The job of the sales person is always a bit of a balancing act. On one hand, we continually cruise our territory to see what opportunities look the most promising. We’re constantly scanning the account base to identify that to which we should react. On the other hand, we also need to be proactive, determining which accounts hold the most long-term potential, and strategizing our approaches to those accounts.


Breaking News

Three Frigidaire Products Awarded Energy Star Most Efficient Designation in 2012

Frigidaire makes it easy for consumers to save money on their monthly utility bills by going green. The Frigidaire 24.5 SEER FS4BI iQ Drive air conditioner, 22 SEER FT4BI iQ Drive heat pump and the 97% AFUE iQ Drive modulating gas furnace are now officially the most efficient systems available. The three products recently received ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designations in 2012.


Vibration Isolation Curb with Easy Access to Isolators and Improved Weather Seal

The Vibro-Curb available from Thybar Corporation has integral, vibration-dampening, spring isolators which may be easily accessed.


Tecumseh and Torad Announce Spool Compressor Commercialization Partnership

Tecumseh Products Company and Torad Engineering announced today they have entered into a joint development and licensing agreement to begin utilizing Torad’s patented spool compressor technology in commercial refrigeration applications. The multi-year partnering agreement has been signed by both parties and initial development work has already begun.


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