HVACR Distribution Business - May 2012

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HVACR Distribution Business eNews


Williams Comfort Products Securing a Comfortable Space in HVAC

Williams Comfort Products is the leading manufacturer of gas-fired wall furnaces and related comfort products in the United States. What began as a business founded by Jesse Williams that produced gas steam radiators under the name of Williams Radiator Co. has grown into a multifaceted product line of gas and electric wall furnaces, space heating, dehumidifiers, hydronic fan coil and air handlers.


Hot Topics

Value Why You Need To Understand What You Do

It's late; the clock is approaching the witching hour. And we find ourselves in the dimly lit lobby bar of a convention hotel. A quick glance around the room indicates a few of our colleagues have consumed a bit too much — and the liquor has magically transformed from adult beverage to “truth serum.”


Is my Labor Large Enough for a Management System?

Distribution centers, from the largest, most advanced automated facilities to the smallest operations without enough volume to justify expansive automation, all require labor in some measure or another.


Consultant's Corner

Question and Answer on How to Handle Price Increases

Q. Customers in my industry do not accept price increases unless they have zero alternatives. How do we handle this?

A. I’m sure you are not the only person thinking this way, nor is your industry the only one with this issue.


Breaking News

Luxaire® Adds Refricenter as Newest Distributor

The Luxaire® brand of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment from Johnson Controls, is pleased to announce Refricenter, one of South Florida's leading stocking distributors of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation equipment, parts and supplies, has become the brand’s newest full-line distributor, effective immediately.


Trane Recognizes ‘Best of the Best’ by Honoring Outstanding 2011 Distributors

The Pacesetter Award was presented at Trane’s annual awards event to three of its leading channel partners who have exceeded expectations.


Fieldpiece Launches Swivel Clamp Meters, Help Techs See More and Do More

Fieldpiece Instruments, the company that makes tools exclusively for HVACR professionals, announces two new swivel clamp meters, SC54 and SC57, which swivel a full 180° for better visibility while taking measurements – no matter what angle the meter is clamped.


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