hilmor Electronic Gauge

hilmor Electronic Gauge 

HVACR Industry’s First Analog and Digital Gauge


The hilmor Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor was built to lighten your load and combine the best of both analog and digital options. Now, HVACR techs get the response of a real needle and the clarity of an LCD display. It also has built-in features like P/T data for 39 refrigerants, dual temperature readings, a micron gauge and a cleanable vacuum sensor. Self-calibrating gauges provide 1% accuracy every time you turn it on. And with a high-impact, protective boot, it’s got the toughness to handle any type of condition. It’s also available with or without refrigeration hoses. 
For more information, visit www.hilmor.com/products/electronic-gauge-with-vacuum-sensor.  
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