The Hydronic Heating & Cooling Council Report


In reviewing its mission, the Council's noted that a number of wholesalers and suppliers present at the steering committee meeting were involved in the chilled water side of the hydronics industry as well as the hot water side. New innovations in packaged residential chillers, terminal devices and components are making the application of hot and chilled water installations as applicable to residential and light commercial projects as has been prominent in large commercial buildings. As a result, the Council voted to incorporate chilled water systems as part of the mission and focus of the Council.

It was determined that there are many opportunities for wholesale distributors to become involved in hot and chilled water products and radiant systems since the application of such products are no longer only limited to specific regions of the country. There is also an increasing consumer awareness of the comfort aspects of hydronic systems which is driving its demand.

With the new products and awareness of hydronics also comes a strong demand for training of contractors and dealers in the sales, proper application and servicing of the systems, which will fall largely on the wholesalers of the products.


The Council formally agreed to include chilled water as a important aspect of its industry focus and to take steps to acquire and develop the necessary product, application and training resources to support its inclusion.

In conjunction with the hot water and radiant heat aspects of the Council, it will hold a workshop in combination with the 2008 National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers Meeting in Hartford, CT. Program will include Dan Holohan and other respected hydronics experts to help distributors maximize opportunities in hydronics.

The Council will collect information related to the available training in the hydronics segment and produce a flyer to disseminate the information to the industry.

The Council will seek opportunities to partner with other groups involved in the hydronics business to promote the importance of wholesale distribution.

The Council will change its name. The official name will be Hydronic Heating & Cooling Council.

The Council will also explore ways to create a demand for hydronic heating and cooling systems with an emphasis on green opportunities.

Offer to sponsor HARDI training seminars to members to further educate them about the possibilities of hydronic heating and cooling.


The Council desires to further the importance of wholesale distribution as an effective and efficient means of growing hot and chilled water comfort systems.


The Council will meet by conference call in January 2008 to further discuss its programs. Any HARDI member interested or currently in the hydronics business is welcome to participate.

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