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Increase Your Opportunities With Motors From Totaline

When you’re in the market for replacement motors for just about any equipment brand, your local Totaline® sales center is your land of opportunity. That’s because Totaline carries a full line of motors. From our Totaline and Emerson line of replacement motors, to Factory Authorized Parts motors which are designed to fit perfectly into Carrier®, Bryant® and Payne® equipment, Totaline sales centers will have what you need to make those winter emergency repairs quickly and efficiently – which will keep you and your customers happy this heating season.

When you’re looking for motors that can work in a variety of situations, look no further than Totaline and Emerson motors. These are the perfect motors to stock on your truck, because they can be used in a number of applications and with a variety of brands. You’ll be able to make the repairs you need without leaving the jobsite, and you can service customers with equipment brands other than Carrier, Bryant and Payne easily and efficiently.

For customers with Carrier, Bryant and Payne units, Factory Authorized Parts offer an exact, drop-in replacement motor on these brands of equipment. “Choosing an F.A.P. motor provides many benefits to both technicians and customers,” says Totaline Category Manager John Loeffler. “F.A.P. motors preserve the equipment’s original manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the system’s efficiency and sound requirements.”

Additionally, Loeffler explained that Factory Authorized Parts motors meet run-life design specifications and have passed a 500-hour salt spray test, which measures the motor’s abilities to withstand corrosive conditions. What’s more, F.A.P. motors are UL and/or CSA approved and are built with internal automatic reset overload protection.

Loeffler also said that Factory Authorized Parts can be a time-saver for techs. “F.A.P. are the right choice because electrical connections, lead lengths, shaft length, and mounting characteristics are exact on these motors, which will save techs time and call-backs.”

And, in 2010, when you purchase F.A.P. motors you’ll be eligible for FREE STUFF. When you buy one F.A.P. motor plus at least six different line items all on one invoice, you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE fishing rod and reel.

For more information on this and other FREE STUFF offers, visit

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