Innovative Flexible Duct from QuietFlex Improves Air Quality

QuietFlex is introducing a ground-breaking flexible duct that can improve indoor air quality by radically reducing mold and bacteria, while eliminating formaldehyde out-gassing.

The inner core of the new AmgFlex Duct features an active, anti-microbial coating made of silver that interrupts the growth cycle of microscopic bugs that can plague traditional ductwork in warm, humid conditions.

Formaldehyde-free insulation in the AmgFlex Duct further enhances indoor air quality by eliminating out-gassing of formaldehyde toxins into the air. The formaldehyde-free insulation provides the same high-quality thermal and acoustical performance as conventional fiberglass, while removing a potentially toxic contaminant.

All QuietFlex flexible ductwork has 0% formaldehyde emissions through the use of John Mansville® 100% formaldehyde-free insulation.

Available in R-6 and R-8 sizes, the AmgFlex Duct features an exterior gold jacket with a polyester vapor barrier, along with an exceptionally heavy-duty, rip-stop scrim reinforcement. Biaxial-oriented polyester film makes up the core. One side of that core is covered by an antimicrobial coating that avoids the use of potentially unsafe chlorinated or synthetic chemicals. Patented by Agion®, pioneers in the use of silver antimicrobial products, the technology naturally and continuously resists the growth of microbes.

The oversized core of the AmgFlex Duct core is designed to fit on both collars and register boxes.

Visit www.quietflex.com for additional information.

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