Intuit Eclipse Helps Three Distributors Join to Operate a Single Branch Location

Chambersburg, PA — Intuit Eclipse's distribution management solutions have helped three distributors join forces in the opening of a new, shared location in Chambersburg, PA.

APR Supply, a plumbing and HVAC wholesaler in Lebanon, PA; Industrial Piping Systems, a PVF wholesaler in York, PA; and Schaedler Yesco Distribution, an electrical wholesaler in Harrisburg, PA, can now offer their customers a wide variety of products in the Chambersburg area — an area where none had any previous presence.

“It's an area where we're all well-known and where we all wanted to set up a branch,” said Jim Hoffman, who spent 38 years full-time with Schaedler Yesco and now serves as a management advisor to all three companies. “We saw this as a great way to break into a market for one-third the cost.”

To customers entering the 13,000-sq.ft. building, it looks like one company, according to Hoffman. The 3,000-sq.ft. counter area is manned by three salespeople — one from each distributor — who all have their own computer terminals, linked to their individual company's Intuit Eclipse systems. Customers can easily walk just a few feet from one distributor to another to get what they need.

“We all have the same work ethic and the same level of profit consciousness, but it's the shared trust and technology that's making this work,” Hoffman said.

For additional information on Intuit Eclipse, visit www.eclipse.intuit.com.

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