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Intuit Eclipse Participates in Texas A&M Research Consortium

College Station, TX — Intuit Eclipse was one of just two technology providers to participate in a recent planning and discussion session of the newly established Pricing Optimization Research Consortium at Texas A&M University's Supply Chain Systems Laboratory (SCSL). The February 17 meeting took place on the university's campus in College Station, TX, and was attended by representatives of the consortium's 12 member organizations.

Formed in late 2005, the consortium is taking a detailed look at distribution pricing and will develop a practical methodology and tools that can be used by the consortium members to help improve their operations. The research results will also serve as the basis for a series of two-day educational sessions scheduled starting January 2007.

As a member of the consortium, Intuit Eclipse has a unique opportunity to both share its insights into the many critical pricing-related challenges facing the distribution industry and gain firsthand knowledge of the kinds of technology-based solutions that today's distributors need in order to succeed.

To learn more about Intuit Eclipse and the company's ongoing involvement in the Pricing Optimization Research Consortium, contact Jim Mazzoni at 610/917-9662.

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