Look Sharp – Always Use a New Blade

HVAC/R techs in the know rely on F.A.P. motors as an exact, drop-in replacement on Carrier®, Bryant®, and Payne® equipment. They also know that every time they change a motor, they should replace the blade. Customers might question whether or not the job was done properly if they look into their unit and see a rusty old blade, but while appearances are important, there are practical benefits to changing the blade, too.

Changing the fan blade every time a motor is replaced should be standard practice, because blades are extremely sensitive, and failure to change them can be detrimental to the entire system. Failure to replace the blade could cause damage to the brand-new motor. Techs should never put an old fan blade back on a new motor, because his could damage to the unit by putting the motor out of balance, which could lead to early motor failure.

Luckily, F.A.P. fan blades provide an exact, drop-in replacement for Carrier, Bryant, and Payne equipment, making installation a breeze. Additionally, F.A.P. blades are UL and/or CSA-approved, and maintain equipment warranties. What’s more, when techs shop their local Totaline sales center, they’ll find F.A.P. motors and accompanying blades readily available.

When you make your local Totaline sales center your one-stop shop for F.A.P. motors and blades, you’ll be eligible for FREE STUFF, too. When you purchase F.A.P. motors in 2010, you can receive cool new FREE STUFF like a spotlight/floodlight flashlight, a fishing rod and reel, and a mini-Mag-Lite® flashlight with a full-size multi-tool.

For these and other great FREE STUFF offers, visit www.totaline.com today!

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