Malco Square Drive Zip-In Screw and More

Malco Square-Drive Zip-in Pan Head Screws and Square Head Chuck Drivers ensure no slipping or cam-out of screw head or driver when added torque is applied to install or remove screws. Genuine Zip-in quality square-drive screws quickly penetrate and seat flush every time.

Fully-hardened, square drivers securely engage and drive the Zip-in’s hardened point and combination-lead threads home. The #2 Square-Drive Zip-ins are available in 8x1/2, 10x1/2 and 10x3/4 sizes. The color-coded, power groove style drivers are available with either #1 or #2 points, in 1-3/4 inch and big 2-1/2 inch lengths.

A Driver Pouch that that straps to a drill, and accommodates four driver bits, completes this package. The pouch allows bit storage on the motor housing for easy access. Four open-ended elastic slots accept 1/4-in shank bits. Two large, durable elastic bands easily loop around a cordless or corded drill to securely hold the dense synthetic fabric pouch flush to the drill housing and out of the way of the drill operation and sightlines.

For more information, visit www.malcotools.com.

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