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Memo mail from Bob Jones

After 34 years in business, and becoming one of the biggest HVACR rep firms in the Western USA, The Jones Company is making major changes.  After hearing complaints about rep firms being too busy to support their wholesalers, contractors & their principals alike, we’re changing it.  We believe “eight is enough” is a great motto and so is “Buy American”.  We’ll be able to do much more for our customer with 8 lines instead of the 20-30 normally carried by HVACR & Plumbing reps.  Fewer lines and more personnel is a winning strategy for us and for our customers.

  1. We’re reducing down to 8 lines maximum
  2. We’re adding sales people in Southern California
  3. We’re adding sales people in Northern California
  4. We’re adding another inside sales person
  5. We’re adding another warehouse and delivery person

We believe and live by our motto:  “We market products with you”.

The Jones Company
501 Third Street, Wheatland, CA.  95692
530-633-4799   530-633-4915 fax
[email protected]

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