Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Releases New CITY [email protected] Product Catalog

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Advanced Products Division has released the latest edition of its CITY MULTI® VRFZ technology catalog, Building Comfort Solutions, which features detailed information about new commercial and residential cooling and heating systems and products, and includes updated specification information. The catalog highlights the new CITY MULTI Modular outdoor units, available in up to 30-ton systems with increased application flexibility. Also featured is the newest addition to the CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN), the AG-150 Touch-screen Centralized Controller, which can monitor and control up to 50 indoor units. The new AG-150 Centralized Controller will be available in early 2009. The new CITY MULTI catalog is a useful resource for those who are interested in the new and innovative technologies for CITY MULTI systems and products.

Visit www.mrslim.com for additional information.

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