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New 54011-K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe

New 54011-K Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe

Just released by Cooper-Atkins Corp.: the first-of-its-kind Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe, which is designed to measure large-diameter pipe surface temperatures that standard pipe clamp probes can't fit around. The temperature of a pipe can be read immediately when the probe is fastened around the desired pipe and plugged into any Type K Thermocouple Instrument. It's easy to install and fits pipes up to 3.3-in. (84 mm) in diameter. It features a patented design, with 11-in. (279 mm) strap length and 10-ft. (3 m) polyurethane cord. Special strap-hook feature allows you to quickly secure the probe around the pipe to obtain the most accurate reading.

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