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New Grundfos Suction Pump Reduces Energy Costs up to 80 Percent

New Grundfos Suction Pump Reduces Energy Costs up to 80 Percent

Grundfos Pumps is pleased to announce the release the CRN-H and CRNE-H stainless steel horizontal end suction pumps. As a complement to the award winning CR-H, the CRN-H and CRNE-H pumps are designed to be used in a variety of applications, including washing and cleaning, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper industries and more.

Plug ‘n Play retrofit
The Grundfos CRN-H can bolt directly into the piping and pump case footprint of a traditional ANSI pump. Simply remove the existing pump assembly, add a motor riser block and install the CRN-H on the existing baseplate.

The Ultimate in Dimensional Interchangeability
Increased system pressure demands on a traditional ANSI pump may require a complete pump replacement due to its single impeller diameter limitation. This means expensive modifications to your foundation and piping. The unique design of the multi-stage CRN-H allows you to expand your pressure range by adding additional stages, and even up-sizing the motor if necessary, without piping or foundation changes.

Reduce Your Downtime — Seal Changes in Under an Hour
Mechanical seal failures account for more than 75% of all pump failures. Besides parts and labor, production downtime can further increase costs associated with seal changes. In a traditional ANSI pump, the entire back pullout assembly must be removed from the baseplate and transported to a maintenance shop where the pump’s seal is replaced. This undertaking can take several hours. The CRN-H cartridge seal can be replaced right on the spot without pump removal, disassembly, or pump-to-motor alignment, and be completed in as little as 30 minutes. The result? Significant cost savings of labor and downtime, and in addition, maintenance personnel can be freed up to focus on other plant needs.

E-Pump Option — Maximum Flexibility, Paramount, Efficiency and Energy Savings
The Grundfos CRN-H is available with variable speed functionality, offering total control of your pumping system while providing even more flexibility and as much as 80% reduction in energy costs.

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