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New & Improved Expandable Flexible Gas Vent Connector

New & Improved Expandable Flexible Gas Vent Connector

Selkirk is proud to announce they have released their newest product, a Single Wall Expandable-Flexible Gas Vent Connector.

This new EFC has been specifically designed with the contractor in mind. The new EFC creates a remarkably simple connection between the appliance and Selkirk Type “B” Gas Vent with an integrated draft hood connector built right into it. Along with the ease of installation, the new EFC eliminates the need for elbows normally associated with this type of gas vent connection saving the installer on installation time and material costs. The EFC is available in 3” & 4” diameters and expands from 1’ to 3’ or 2’ to 5’. Its innovative compressed design allows for easy storage and handling.

Simple connection between appliance and Type B gas vent

No elbows required

Expands 1’ to 3’or 2’ to 5’

Integrated Draft Hood Connector

Limited Lifetime Warranty

360 Degree Flexibility

For more information, visit the Selkirk web site at

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