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New Minisplit Condensate Trap Increases Efficiency, Prevents Odors & Insects

Airtec Products Corp., Fall River, MA, a leading manufacturer and importer of HVACR products, introduces the waterless, in-line condensate line trap by EZ-Trap that increases the efficiency of all gravity-drained minisplit air conditioner brands.

The straight, transparent 2.75-inch-long EZT-180 features a rubber check valve that prevents unconditioned and unfiltered outdoor air infiltration into the minisplit airstream. The EZT-180 offers a payback in as little as one month while delivering years of energy savings.

The check valve also prevents insect access and ambient outdoor odors, i.e. vehicle emissions, fertilizer off-gassing and sewer gas from entering occupied spaces. The check valve, which is easy to inspect and clean, also makes the EZT-180 a waterless, freeze-resistant and durable trap fitting.

“All gravity-drained minisplits should be trapped, and a straight, inline condensate trap is the only viable method,” says Gerry Spanger, vice president sales and marketing, Airtec Products.

The 5/8-inch-diameter EZT-180 comes with a 9/16-inch-diameter adaptor, which makes it adaptable for fitting into or onto all standard sizes of flexible condensate drain tubing.

The EZT-180 is one of Airtec Products’ dozens of products ranging from Aspen condensate control pumps to Airtec condenser mounts and Fortress lineset protection duct/accessories that all help make minisplit installations easy, code-compliant and aesthetic.

Airtec Products offers a free 32-page, color Minisplit Accessories Catalog/Installation Guide available at [email protected]. For more information please visit

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