New Offering from Leaders in Humidity Control Products - Aprilaire

Aprilaire, leaders in indoor air quality products and the inventors of the evaporative humidifier over 50 years ago, has added to the flexibility and applications for whole-house humidification by introducing a steam humidifier specifically designed for residential environments where evaporative technology is not practical to employ.

“With this new technology, the convenience and efficiency of automatic, whole-house humidification is now possible in many more homes than ever before, says Mike Rimrodt, Marketing Director at Aprilaire. “Our new Aprilaire Model 800 Steam Humidifier is a great alternative to our tried-and-true evaporative units in cases when a forced air system with a blower is not the primary source of heating the home.”

Conditions where evaporative humidifiers aren’t practical and are therefore perfect applications for Steam include:

· Homes with electric baseboard heat
· Homes with In-floor radiant heat
· When the HVAC system is located in the attic or other location that is susceptible to freezing temperatures
· Areas of the country with more moderate winter temperatures and therefore there is minimal amount of HVAC run time to heat the home
· Homes that require humidification of over 4,000 square feet per HVAC system.
· Homes that use forced air HVAC systems, but space constraints or restricted duct access make it impractical to install an evaporative humidifier.

The Back Story
Homes in most parts of the country need humidity control, not only for the protection of fine wood furnishings but also for a healthier and more comfortable environment. In fact, if you heat your home at all, most likely you’re drying it out to the point where you should add humidity.

Even with new construction and tighter building standards, if you are properly ventilating and heating your home, you’re drying it out. Eventually the moisture that’s present with new materials in the construction process gradually begins to dissipate and the humidity levels become too low to maintain a comfortable, healthy environment.

Evaporative humidifiers use the heat from a standard forced-air heating system to turn water into vapor, delivering a controlled amount of humidity to the entire home through the heat ducts. That technology is still the best at efficiently humidifying any home that uses forced air heating.

Now Aprilaire provides efficient whole-house humidity for special applications where there isn’t enough forced air heating in a home. The Aprilaire steam humidifier will produce the steam necessary on demand and then use the HVAC system’s blower to deliver the steam throughout the home.

For consumers, this new offering from Aprilaire provides the comfort, convenience and effectiveness of whole-home humidification control in a variety of conditions and applications that were never possible or practical before.

For the HVAC Contractor, the Aprilaire Model 800 Steam Humidifier opens up additional market opportunities and combines easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Special Benefits of the Model 800 Steam Humidifier

  • High capacities of up to 23 gallons per day – A single unit provides capacity for many larger residential applications.
  • Easy and economical to maintain canister/electrode technology. Simply replace the canister, usually on an annual basis.
  • More efficient; provides humidity when you need it - Operates on a call for humidity. Controlling humidity is no longer dependent on a call for heat from the thermostat.
  • Flexible installation - Can be mounted directly on the duct or remote mounted up to 20 feet away from where the steam enters the duct. This is ideal in applications where the HVAC system is located in an attic or crawl space, or there are other obstructions or space limitations.
  • Convenience - Panel indicators tell the homeowner when the unit is operating and when it needs to have maintenance or service.

For more information on the new Model 800 Steam Humidifier and the full line of Indoor Air Quality products, visit www.aprilairepartners.com or contact your local Aprilaire District Sales Manager.

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