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New “Turbo-X-Tools” Crimper Attachment from Malco Products

New “Turbo-X-Tools” Crimper Attachment from Malco Products

Now there is an uncommon quality solution for the all too common challenge of crimping large diameter duct and pipe or crimping multiple small duct runs! Malco’s power assisted Turbo-X-Tools Crimper Attachment makes fast, easy, precise, air-tight crimps in 24 to 30-gauge (0.71 to 0.41 mm) galvanized steel duct, spiral duct, ultra lightweight aluminum pipe and hardened (0.61 to 0.31 mm) black stove pipe.

The drive shaft of the Crimper attachment inserts into the chuck of a minimum 14.4 Volt cordless or maximum 7 Amp A/C drill. A telescoping clamp adjusts to fit both length and width of any drill housing. The installed Crimper attachment is easily operated with one hand.

With the drill set at low forward drilling speed the rotation of meshing teeth on adjacent gears provides the desired crimp and drives the metal out the right side of the tool. A 9:1 gear reduction ensures safety and control. The operator sets the tool’s crimping lever in a down position to open gears for easy insertion and removal of metal in a slot opening in the tool face. The narrow slot prevents fingers from entering the gear area.

With the lever in an up position, the maximum crimping depth is factory set for 26 to 28-gauge (0.56 to 0.48 mm) Galvanized Steel. The lever may be backed off a stop at a time for lighter metals. The maximum crimp may be re-set up or down with the aid of the lever’s set screws. A clutch in the gear mechanism prevents damage to the crimper attachment if metal ever exceeds capacity.

Log on to and click the video tab to see this versatile power assisted crimper in action. Use the site’s dealer locator tab to find a local Malco distributor.

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