The ECCO Group Announces Appointment of Shaine Nobert; Retirement of Hilton Hartwell

Jan. 1, 2016

Shaine Nobert joined ECCO in 1997 with the ECCO Supply Edmonton branch and then joined the Corporate Operations team in Langley, B.C., in 2004. In April of 2008, he assumed the title of vice president of manufacturing. Under Shaine’s leadership, ECCO Manufacturing continued to successfully increase its Canadian market share, and its U.S. operation has grown exponentially with the recent move to manufacture across the border.

With his new title of vice president and general manager, Nobert assumes leadership from Hilton Hartwell, who recently announced his retirement after 44 years of service with the company. Hartwell started with ECCO Heating Products Ltd. when the company consisted of a small shop of 24 employees. He played an instrumental part in the continuing growth of the company. ECCO is now one of the largest HVAC wholesalers/manufacturers in North America with more than 700 employees, 14 sales branches, three manufacturing plants and three distribution centers. ECCO would like to take this opportunity to thank Hilton for 44 years of outstanding service; he will be greatly missed.

ECCO opened in 1960 supplying HVAC contractors in Western Canada pre-fabricated sheet metal products and has become well known as a manufacturer and provider of consistently high quality products along with great customer service and expertise. ECCO continues to develop and pursue new markets and opportunities. Today, throughout all its divisions, ECCO provides a broad range of services, quality products and exceptional value to its customers.

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