Thybar Introduces Seismic/Wind Load Rated Custom Curbs

Nov. 27, 2016

Thybar Corporation, Addison, Illinois, designs and constructs seismic/wind load rated roof curbs. Rated curbs will resist the effects of site-specific forces determined according to the requirements of the International Building Code or other applicable codes. Curb walls are of heavy gage galvanized steel construction, and appropriate wall thickness is determined by project-specific analysis of curb wall stresses generated by the seismic/wind load acting on the roof top unit.

Seismic/wind load rated curbs can be provided in insulated, non-insulated and vibration isolated styles of various heights for sloped or flat roofs. Wood nailers are provided for attachment of roofing material. Project-specific seismic/wind calculations can be provided for the roof curb, the connection of roof top equipment to roof curb, and roof curb connections to the building structure. Calculations will be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer (PE) registered in the state where the project is located.

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