ComfortConsultanttrade App Home Screen

ComfortConsultant™ App Home Screen

Nordyne Launches ComfortConsultant™ iPad App


NORDYNE has partnered with Add2Cart to bring HVAC contractors a proven in-home sales app. The new ComfortConsultant™ iPad app adds transparency to the sales process for a more engaged homeowner, a higher sales ticket and increased closing ratios.

With ComfortConsultant, homeowners use the app to answer questions about what they desire out of their new HVAC system. The app then recommends a system based on their input, but lets the homeowners “slide” their selections up or down to see what a more- or less-efficient system does to their bottom line. Pricing is displayed upfront, and contactors can choose to show the financed price or a flat price along with all of the rebates the system may qualify for.

“Homeowners shop for a new HVAC system maybe once or twice in their lifetimes; they can quickly become overwhelmed,” explains Carol Baker, vice president of marketing for NORDYNE. “By adding transparency to the process and putting homeowners in control, ComfortConsultant helps the contractor quickly create a partnership of trust.”

ComfortConsultant comes pre-loaded with equipment, but contractors can choose which units and IAQ products to display. Six different branded versions of the app are available: Maytag®, Broan, Frigidaire, NuTone, Tappan and Westinghouse.

“Contractors who use ComfortConsultant realize higher ticket sales,” adds Baker, “but not for the reasons you might think. When a homeowner gets to ‘play’ with their options, they end up choosing a more expensive system with add-ons than if they had been given a flat bid.”

The ComfortConsultant app retails for $499, and is available through the App Store.

Please visit for more information. 

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