Novent Locking HVACR Refrigerant Valve Caps Provide IMC and IRC Code Compliance

Novent Locking HVACR Refrigerant Valve Caps Provide IMC and IRC Code Compliance

Airtec Products Corp. announces Novent® tamper-resistant locking caps that aid in the prevention of refrigerant theft, leaks to the environment and the life-threatening trend of intentional inhalation, “huffing,” by children and young adults from access ports on residential and light commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration (AC/R) equipment.

The corrosion-resistant, aluminum-shrouded brass Novent locking caps screw onto standard Schraeder valves. They comply with the International Mechanical Code (Section 1101-10) and International Residential Code (Section M1411-6) that now mandate tamper-resistant outdoor access ports for all new AC/R installations.

The Novent patented locking caps, which can only be installed and removed with a special screwdriver or MultiKey key-ring wrench, are available only through wholesale HVACR distributors. The locking caps and screwdrivers are color-coded green for R-22 and pink for R-410A to assist in preventing accidental refrigerant mixing. A universal silver is available for use with any refrigerant.

Other unique features include:

  • Oil and sealant-resistant neoprene O-ring seals tightly to eliminate refrigerant leaks to the environment.

  • Integral torque limiter prevents over-tightening.

  • Precision-machined, high-grade aluminum shrouded brass fitting resists crushing and removal without a Novent key.

Novent locking caps are sold in two-packs, 10-packs or 50-packs of pink, green or silver 1/4-in. thread, and a pink cap with 5/16-in. thread for imported R-410A equipment, which complies with EEC requirements.

Visit www.airtecproducts.com for additional information.

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