Nu-Calgon Introduces A/C EasySeal Refrigerant Leak Sealant

A/C EasySeal was developed from technology used to protect air conditioning systems on nuclear submarines and satellites. It was critical in these applications that any leaks that developed be sealed immediately to avoid repairs while on missions, exemplifying the product’s use in a preventative application. A/C EasySeal circulates with the system’s refrigerant, and if a leak should occur or already be present, it will quickly seal the leak and prevent the system from losing refrigerant and shutting down. A/C EasySeal represents an excellent opportunity to utilize such technology in preventing and sealing refrigerant leaks in residential and light commercial ACR systems. It is perfect for those hard to find and expensive to fix leaks and works with all refrigerants (accept ammonia) including R-22 and R-410A. Each can will treat up to a 5 ton system and is easily installed with the reusable piercing valve and hose.

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