NuTone iQ Drive Breaks Efficiency Record with 24.5 SEER

The latest AHRI ratings show the NuTone iQ Drive® air conditioner reaches 24.5 SEER — 88 percent more efficient than the industry minimum and a point-and-a-half higher than the previous 23 SEER rating — when paired with an air handler.

All NuTone 2-, 3- and 4-ton models get a SEER boost with the new straight-cooling ratings.

Here's how the energy-conserving technology works: While conventional air conditioners cycle on and off at full capacity to maintain the indoor temperature, iQ Drive's inverter-driven rotary compressor provides fully variable operation. It reacts to the cooling demand and changes the system capacity by modulating the speed of the compressor and motors. As a result, the system operates efficiently and quietly over a wide range of conditions without cycling on and off in the conventional manner.

To learn more about the ultra-efficient line of NuTone iQ Drive air conditioners, dealers and distributors should visit www.nutonehvac.com.

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