Payne Offers High Efficiency Gas Furnace

The Payne PG9YAB offers high efficiency, scoring 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). AFUE ratings allow consumers to compare fuel efficiencies of furnaces, and the higher the rating, the better the efficiency. This model also draws fresh outdoor combustion air into your customer's home, which means diminished drafts and quieter operation, sources say.

The Payne PG8M and PG8J furnace models provide an 80% AFUE. According to company sources, these models will help your customers save on their fuel bills as compared to older, less efficient models, and deliver years of reliable performance.

Additionally, all Payne models are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty, when properly registered. The PG9YAB and 92% PG9MX are eligible for the Federal Tax Credit program as well. All models feature precise comfort control and are housed in a pre-painted, scratch-resistant cabinet that resists corrosion. Payne heating products are available every day at your local Totaline sales center.

Visit www.payne.com for additional information.

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