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HARDI Announces Agenda and Speaker Lineup for Annual Conference

Sept. 26, 2018
'Legacy' will be held in Austin, Texas from December 1-4.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) today announced the full speaker lineup and agenda for 2018 Annual Conference: Legacy.

"Legacy" will be held in Austin, Texas from December 1-4, HARDI.

The opening keynote speaker is military veteran and entrepreneur Matthew "Griff" Griffin, founder of Combat Flip-Flops, a company that sources goods from war-torn regions in order to spur economic development. Combat Flip-Flops was featured on ABC's Shark Tank, where Griffin secured investment from Lori Greiner, fashion mogul Daymond John and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

For the closing keynote speaker, a "mystery speaker" has been announced. But the Annual Conference: Legacy website states this speaker has worked with some of the world's most influential figures, "including world leaders, actors, musicians, athletes and artists."

"The feedback we have received on this year's theme of Legacy has been overwhelmingly positive so far out from the event itself," said Executive Vice President Emily Saving. "We took this theme and selected a lineup of speakers that embody forging a legacy and generating a lasting, meaningful and positive impact on people and the world around you."

Featured speakers for Legacy include Economist Alan Beaulieu from ITR Economics, award-winning author of BEER MONEY: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss, Frances Stroh, and former Coors Light, Quiznos and Red Robin marketing executive Gerry O'Brion.

"We are incredibly excited to deliver this special Annual Conference experience to our members," Saving added.

The full agenda and session speakers list can be found on the 2018 Annual Conference: Legacy website, HERE.