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Panasonic Selects VRF Representation for Northeast

Oct. 24, 2019
Wallace Eannace firm will represent Panasonic VRF to customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

NEWARK, NJ (October 23, 2019) – Panasonic, an industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems, today announces that Wallace Eannace, an independent manufacturers’ representative firm for plumbing and HVAC equipment, will distribute Panasonic VRF and mini-split equipment to its commercial and residential customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As an Elite Representative, Wallace Eannace customers will have access to the latest Panasonic equipment and technology as well as its robust services and support team.

Wallace Eannace has served as an advisor, technical support system and training partner to firms engaged in the HVAC and plumbing industry since its founding in 1924. Serving the commercial and residential industries from high-rise buildings to single-family homes, Wallace Eannace works with engineers, property managers and contractors to provide technical knowledge, sizing, design and field support as well as best-in-class products in order to create a comfortable environment for building occupants.

“When our customers expressed the need for high-quality VRF and mini-split products, we immediately thought of Panasonic due to its reputation for providing reliable equipment and unmatched customer support,” said Darryl Clark, Corporate VP, Wallace Eannace. “We haven’t been disappointed: from the training our team has received to the superior heating and cooling equipment Panasonic develops, the company has proven that customers are at the heart of their business. We’re thrilled that our customers in the tristate area will now have access to Panasonic’s solutions.” 

“We’re excited to expand our reach in the Northeast with Wallace Eannace’s network of commercial and residential customers,” said Eric Griffin, National Sales Manager, Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America. “Wallace Eannace is known for its commitment to customer quality, and now, the team will be able to expand their portfolio with reliable heating and cooling solutions that prioritize customer comfort.”

Nathan Oliver, Eastern U.S. Sales and Business Development Manager, Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America, spoke with Contracting Business recently about the collaboration. He said Panasonic was impressed by the Wallace Eannace organization’s focus on quality in product and installation training, and on building long term relationships with their customers.

“This is where we find alignment between the values of Wallace Eannace and Panasonic.  Our focus goes well beyond the sales transaction and gives priority to the long-term success of our contractor customers,” Oliver said.

Oliver added that the Wallace Eannace organization reached out to Panasonic when they identified the need to diversify their business into the VRF and mini-split space.

“Wallace Eannace has a proven track record in hydronics and other HVAC products, and their approach to the market is in alignment with Panasonic’s approach. They have a comprehensive approach to providing solutions to their customers, from design and engineering to layout selection, to factory-certified installation training, installation support, and the fact that contractors love working with Wallace Eannace,” Oliver said. “They have two locations in New York and New Jersey, each with fully-equipped training rooms. Functioning Panasonic equipment is on-site for contractor training, and they have key locations in the New York City metropolitan area.”

Oliver said VRF and mini-splits are continuing to attract new contractor converts, “Especially in that area, where there’s a mix of high-rise and low-rise buildings. With VRF and mini-splits able to provide heating and cooling without gas or other fossil fuels, it’s a perfect fit for the northeast."

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