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Problem Solved!

As a result of the HCFC phase-out, the popular R-502 replacements, R-402A/B and R-408A, have skyrocketed in price over the last two years.

Now, due to a major component supply issue, the price of these two interim blends has surged once again and several distributors are reporting back orders and or lost sales. This dilemma has refrigerant users and equipment owners in search of a practical option for maintaining their R-502 designed systems. And the great news is that the most practical option for the long-term replacement of R-402A/B and R-408A is already in mainstream use throughout North America.

ONE SHOT-C (R-422C) is being successfully used in a variety of low-temp refrigeration applications and is a leading replacement for systems currently using R-402A/B and R-408A. Today, refrigerant users can purchase ONE SHOT-C for nearly $5.00 per lb less than the interim replacements.

Don't miss another sale! Compare and share the price and value of ONE SHOT-C against R-402A/B and R-408A and be a real problem solver.

For more information, call 1-800-497-6805 or visit

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