ProTech Systems Builds on Its Sales Team

ProTech Systems Inc. (PTS), a leader in the field of venting, is proud to announce two new members to its sales team: Kevin Sponable and Craig Luckfield. “Kevin and Craig will be the driving force of our new sales model. Their role as the regional sales managers will create a more dynamic model to provide our independent reps and customers the hands-on support needed in our competitive market,” states Jim Molloy, PTS's director of Sales and Marketing.

Kevin and Craig will be the regional sales managers, providing PTS's customers with a more personal sales relationship and stronger support on many levels.

Kevin Sponable will be covering the Midwest and West Coast accounts while Craig Luckfield supports the region east of the Mississippi with the addition of Nebraska and Iowa.

“Our newly structured sales model is designed to create a stronger relationship with everyone involved. Our reps and customers will form a true communication flow with ProTech, allowing them a direct point of contact, someone to voice their opinions, ideas and feedback, and gain valuable education through training and product information. Kevin and Craig are going to be the faces of our company,” announced Martin Wawrla, ProTech's president.

Over the last few years, ProTech has committed itself to unbeatable quality products and a stronger focus on personalized customer service.

Visit www.protechinfo.com for additional information.

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